Saving Marriage Tips 2019

It is general belief that wives put in more effort than husbands when it comes to saving their marriage.


Although this does not mean men do not care about their spouses. The problem with men usually is the fact that they do not know how to go about it when it comes to saving their marriage. In essence, they are clueless. The following tips are for wives trying to save their marriages.


The first thing is not to push your husband over the edge in order to save your marriage. Saving a marriage can be difficult sometimes and might require lots of wisdom. There will be times when you will be angry, tired and even be ready to face anything that comes out of a fight; at these periods, you require lots of patience and control so things do not get worse as a result of trying to save your marriage. This can push your husband over the edge and can make saving your marriage more difficult.


Take a picture of your husband on a ledge trying to jump down from the ledge. What would be your advice to him? Are you going to ask him to jump, or you will beg him to come back inside? Or better still you close the window and allow him decide for himself whether to jump or not, or you even push him yourself and move on with life?


The best place to start when you want to embark on saving your marriage is to ask your husband why he is doing all he’s doing. Why is he in the place he is? You also need to determine how close or far apart the two of you are and if it needs to be closed, close it in order to save your marriage. Understanding what is hurting and what is helping your marriage will help you to get closer as you save your marriage.


One big mistake spouses make to each other is threatening each other. This should be avoided in order to save your marriage. Goals and boundaries are meant to be set in a marriage, but you should avoid idle threats to save your marriage. You will be lessening your chances of saving your marriage and also losing credibility if you do not carry out your threats. Endeavor to set realistic and achievable goals with your spouse and also leave room for failure as no one is perfect. Do not put yourself in a position in your marriage that will make you quit your marriage. Save your marriage.


Everyone always wishes they could go back and fix some parts of the lives at some point. This also happens in marriage. Saving your marriage is an achievable goal, but you cannot get the marriage you had. Avoid spending most of your time trying to relive the past. Today will pass you by if you get stuck trying to fix the past. Saving your marriage also entails learning from what happened in the past. But do not dwell on the past as there are other issues to be attended to in the present.

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