Plan Your Lifestyle 2019


Our lifestyle cannot be separated from every other area of our lives. The location you live, the kind of job you do and the business you have has a great influence on the type of lifestyle you live. For your business to be successful there is a place of envisioning the type of lifestyle you want. In essence, a person that hates fish should not go in to fish business. The person will definitely hate every part of it even if he’s making money out of it. We do not measure wealth by the amount of money made, but by fullness of life we enjoy in whatever we embark upon.

Planning your lifestyle means designing your business according to the lifestyle you want. You should start thinking about the kind of lifestyle you want your children to have. You should also design your schedule in such a way to leave room for yourself and your children. Spend enough time with your children. Planning your lifestyle should not be based on money alone.

Do not be afraid of taking new routes to have a successful business and get the kind of lifestyle you desire. But you should also set goals that are realistic, specific and achievable. But there is also the aspect of aiming at your goals and not just setting them for a successful lifestyle. Your goals can be in this form; rather than saying “I want to lose weight”, say “I want to lose 10 pounds in 3 months”. One looks more real than the other.

The next thing about achieving your goals is to identify the necessary things in achieving them and if it requires you learning anything, further and learn for your lifestyle to be better. When your goals are specific, then, knowing what to learn will not be a problem. You can go further to write the steps you will take to achieve your goals for your lifestyle to be healthy. For a person willing to shed weight in 3 months, he should take the following steps;

    • Buy a book on how to lose 10pounds in 3 months and do it yourself
    • Research online for some practical steps on losing 10 pounds in 3 months
    • Hire a personal trainer
    • Join a gym.

The actions you will be taking should be written in ways that it moves you closer to your lifestyle expectations daily. You do not need to know how to get to the end line but each action should lead you to the next one which eventually takes you to the end line. You can even go as far as hiring a personal trainer to enhance your lifestyle. Getting a trainer will speed things up a bit for you.

You should also do some self-assessment. Ask yourself if you are ready and willing to go through the whole process of achieving your goal. This is because to have a good lifestyle, there are prices you need to be prepared to pay. Imagine wanting academic success and abstaining from reading. We all know what the end result will be. Planning for a healthy lifestyle requires sacrifices.

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