Marriage tips for newlywed 2019

Marriage Tips
Marriage Tips

Marriage Tips

Marriage Tips for Newlywed 2019

Newlywed must know that their marriage is their choices-

From first sight-seeing tends to Love feeling- Some people decide their path of couple life to be connected via Marriage which they want to do everything together in same moment. They would like to work hard, eat, getting rest, travel and somehow want to raise child all along together. But why there were people still weak on their feelings, and even have problem, then getting divorced? Here is some of the marriage tips from us.

Psychology tips

So people, everything is about your psychology feeling. You Must have strong mind which means that, you must always be positive and never look back. Just move straight and keep going running to make sure your life in a good path. Some tips below how to keep positive feeling on both of you.

  • Keep saying “Thank You”
  • Saying “I Love You” together with hugs – take 2-3 minutes hug each morning, see the miracle for full day.
  • Always patience
  • Keep silent when in arguing – argue can’t proceed when one of you don’t involve in it.
  • Ask help properly with big smile in your face
  • The big things is – Always Respect each other!

Here were some of the psychology tips on how to maintain positivity in our marriage life.

Activity tips

To maintain your marriage life, you must keep positivity in front line, then second doing some activity to always remind your couple life. Some newlywed forgot this, seems them already married and have partner in front of eyes, then they stop working out to make sure the relationship still continue . So this is big mistake some of you doing. You think, when you married, you would never make out any activity anymore, but before you married, both of you planning soo much to-do-list what you all want to achived.

Here some tips highlighted:

  • Always date once per week (at least-seems before married, you do this right?)
  • Always have small gift on something that you appreciate must
  • Remember the Big Date on both of you – example Date of Birth, Date of Anniversary, etc.
  • Here we are in Technology life – So dont forget to send Big Love to your partner, even you as a wife, or as a husband , never whose start it first.
  • 10minutes meeting each day – Husband – Must Always Listen and please capture at least 3-5 points of any your wife story, and please never tried to solved your wife problem..

Secret tips

Do you know, beside above tips, they were also another tips to help all of you to maintain your marriage stability? – Please remember this, the first 5 year of marriage were too hard, when you pass it, then you and your partner were strong enough.

  1. Always keep intimacy between both of you.
  2. Please do at least one Compliments to your partner each day
  3. Never control your partner!
  4. Always responsibility on each of your duty
  5. Please accept your partner weakness

So newlywed, always keep in mind, the people in front of you, is the one you once falling in love and always chase…

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