Living a Healthier Lifestyle 2019

Healthier Lifestyles?

Changing from living a lifestyle to another can be a difficult thing to do in a situation whereby you are used to a particular one. To live a healthier lifestyle, you need to take slow but steady steps especially when you are changing from a negative habit to a positive one. E.g. eating habit. Some of those bad habits can be fatal when it comes to your healthy lifestyle. They include;

  • Drinking in excess
  • Smoking
  • Using recreational drugs
  • Engaging in risky sexual behavior
  • Allowing stress into your life
  • Poor time management and balance between work, family and recreation.


When you live a healthier lifestyle, your immune will be enhanced and become stronger to fight against diseases in your body; this is based on research. Living a healthier lifestyle gives longer life expectancy, a decreased risk of getting life-threatening illnesses, and an overall sound body and mind.

 Physical Activities

For living a healthier lifestyle, you have to take physical activities serious. This comes in form of exercise. By exercising your body, your body will increase its production of endorphins which helps to promote happiness and satisfaction. Exercise increases you mentally and also increases your confidence. Despite the benefits of exercise, some people still have excuses out of it which deprives them of living a healthier lifestyle. Some of those excuses include;

  1. No time
  2. No energy
  3. Too much work to do
  4. Too many family commitments
  5. Too expensive to join a gym
  6. Don’t feel comfortable exercising in front of people in better shape than them
  7. Don’t feel comfortable using the equipment.


Apart from hitting the gym for exercises, there are other exercises you can do on your own. If you do them daily, they will help you lose weight and get fit. Smaller exercises are as effective as hitting the gym. All you need is consistency and you will end up living a healthier lifestyle. Some of these exercises include;

  1. Taking a walk at a slower pace
  2. Walking your pet or a neighbor’s pet
  3. Riding your bike instead of driving
  4. Doing chores around the house such as gardening, cleaning the house and mowing the lawn.

You can start off slowly; you do not have to go hard on yourself especially people who are overweight. You can then reduce your visit to the gym to like once or twice in a week.

 Active Lifestyle

The general belief is that an active lifestyle is a healthy lifestyle so make sure you are always actively involved in something. Regular activity helps in maintaining your fitness and enhances a healthier lifestyle. You can keep active by joining a sporting club around you, taking a walking at your lunch break and keeping up with your daily chores so you don’t remain idle.

Another way of living a healthier lifestyle is by taking a break from the internet. This is because sticking with the internet keeps you from being active as you will always be sitting down browsing. You can change your schedule by going out and having fun with your family to increase your healthy living.

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