A Better Lifestyle 2019

 A better lifestyles?

Everyone is familiar with the components of a better lifestyle. A good lifestyle can be described as the combination of healthy food, exercise and happy relationship. Let us assume everything is working for you in the aspect of eating healthily, working out regularly, having a happy relationship and stable financially; do you think enhancing your lifestyle is possible?


What can make a difference in having a better lifestyle is a personal issue. This is because what I place priority upon might not be the same thing you place your own priority on. Better lifestyle elements also differs from people to people, men & women, young & old, singles & married and poor & rich.


To live a better lifestyle, you should not take life too serious. Some people believe that taking life serious will bring them happiness and success. This is not so. It is possible to make serious mistakes in life, but it is not enough to take life seriously. Taking life so serious will not make you live a better life but will only end you up missing all the fun?  Life is not supposed to be about work or money. Serious thinking about life can stress you and even drive you crazy and this should be avoided in order to live a better lifestyle. There are periods to be serious. Be serious at work and also create time to have fun and get a sense of humor. Be cheerful and optimistic. Keep in mind that life is a journey, and if you take the journey too seriously you will end up getting bored and will want the journey to be short which is not a better lifestyle.


You also need to focus on the present to live a better lifestyle. Do not let your past overwhelm you. Do not run away from your problem by not living in the present, this will not enhance a better lifestyle. Live and enjoy every moment. Do not stay in the past by getting rid of your past to live a better lifestyle. Experience the present and create plans for the future. People who live in the past are said not to be fit mentally and emotionally and this will deprive them of a better lifestyle. Your present is your link between your past and your future, make good use of your present and live a better lifestyle.


Another way of living a better lifestyle is by traveling. Travel to remote place at least once annually. The benefits of traveling for living a better lifestyle includes replenishing of your energy physically, mentally and emotionally. Through traveling, you can also meet new people, acquire new skills, learn new things and view new cultures which can help live a better lifestyle. Traveling also bring the fun your body needs. If you are buoyant financially, you can take a tour around the world. You can visit places like Dubai, museums like the Louvre of Paris or see the ancient ruins of Athens or Rome. Take a luxury cruise like the Silver sea cruise which is offering a $1.500,000 cruise package for two on the Silver Whisper, taking in 28 countries over a period of 115 days. You deserve to reward yourself once in a while for a better lifestyle. If you don’t have that kind of money, you can travel to national reserves and enjoy the serenity of nature. Travel destinations and options are virtually unlimited.

A Good Friend in 2019

Finding a good friend is also a way of getting a better lifestyle. Research as shown the importance of a good friend when it comes to having a better lifestyle. This is because a good friend will caution you when you are wrong and will discourage you doing bad things thereby enhancing and giving you a better lifestyle. Your best friend should be of your gender. For couples, you should also get a close friend apart from your partner. A good friend will support you on all side and even in your relationship aspect which leads to a better lifestyle. True friends are keys to happiness.

Bad Habits

You also need to get rid of bad habits in order to live a better lifestyle. Smoking, alcoholism and drug addiction can be dangerous for your health & life. Get rid of them as they can be fatal. Always remember that whatever bad habit you have, there is a possibility of the bad habit destroying your life. Bad habits can be eliminated completely when you get the right coach and you will be able to live a better lifestyle. Do not stop at getting rid of bad habits, replace them with good ones. Even if you do not have a negative habit before, adopt other good habits. This will enhance a better lifestyle. You can add meditation to your daily activity as a new adopted habit for a better lifestyle.


Make Sure, being a happy person is more better than be others..

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